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Sophia Dobreva - Nolita is a Bulgarian artist living and working in Manchester, UK. She creates in the fields of painting, illustration, graphic design and animation.

As a chronic traveller through cities and countries, Sophia captures fragments of dreams, fears and everyday anxiety, while facing the question of one’s place in the world. Feminism and the clash between tradition and the unorthodox are ever-present topics for her.

All works ©Sophia Dobreva

For enquiries and information about available works please contact:

Solo Exhibitions​

Bluebirds - Kiosk, Manchester UK 2023
Bluebirds - 
One Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 2024

Group Exhibitions​

Heroes curated by Pictoplasma, Varna, Bulgaria 2023

Eclectics - Burgas, Bulgaria 2023
International Women’s Day Exhibition - Deansgate Mews, Manchester UK 2023

VIJ! The Isolation Edition - Credo Bonum Gallery, Bulgaria 2020
01 Year Celebration - BOLD Design Showroom, Bulgaria 2019

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